Butterfly Beauty

Sometimes patience and persistence works in a photographer’s favor. After spending two hours wandering around the butterfly room at Powell Gardens, I was the only visitor left in the room. I was talking with the monitor and told her I was happy with my photos, but I didn’t have a good one of the blue butterfly. She pointed to the corner and said if I was careful, I could go behind the bushes because the blue ones liked to gather there. Ahhhhh nice, I shot photos until closing time. Thanks for the access.

A Mothy Day

I taught my photojournalism students one of the Laws of Photography today. If you do not stop and take a photo that appears in front of you, the photo Gods will curse you and it will be awhile before another photo presents itself. That was my excuse for being a minute late to class today, anyway. And I had photos to prove it. A moth was plastered to my windshield among the dew drops, so naturally, I had to take some photos. I decided to post the bluish background one on Instagram because I liked seeing the detail in the antennae, but Henry said he definitely liked the one where you could see the crystals. So we had a discussion about editing, too.

When I arrived back home, I was rewarded for my attention to the Laws of Photography. There on the front door was another moth. This one looked awesome from both sides. What a delightfully mothy day!

Portrait scouting downtown


Downtown Kansas City is such an amazing place to scout for photo locations. Every corner, every alley, every building has its own personality. I wish I had a studio space down there. I’m afraid I wouldn’t get much work done, however, I would be too busy roaming the streets playing with light and texture. I am looking forward to taking some portraits in the area, maybe even some urban fashion. 

Visual treasures in First Fridays

First Fridays in the Crossroads are photographer’s heaven. The colors, the people, the textures, all mashed together with lovely evening light. Such a rich tapestry of people, smells, and sounds as crowds pass back and forth. Street performers busk for tips, street artists beckon to customers, food trucks line the streets as crowds pass back and forth. There’s a visual treasure around every corner.