A Mothy Day

I taught my photojournalism students one of the Laws of Photography today. If you do not stop and take a photo that appears in front of you, the photo Gods will curse you and it will be awhile before another photo presents itself. That was my excuse for being a minute late to class today, anyway. And I had photos to prove it. A moth was plastered to my windshield among the dew drops, so naturally, I had to take some photos. I decided to post the bluish background one on Instagram because I liked seeing the detail in the antennae, but Henry said he definitely liked the one where you could see the crystals. So we had a discussion about editing, too.

When I arrived back home, I was rewarded for my attention to the Laws of Photography. There on the front door was another moth. This one looked awesome from both sides. What a delightfully mothy day!

Photo Karma

I went to the Kauffman Center on Sunday to retrieve my lost driver’s license, which had fallen out of my pocket when I was volunteering at the TedXKC event (major awesomeness there, by the way). As I was leaving, I saw this guy photographing his truck in front of the building. I went on about my business and drove away. Two blocks away, I kicked myself for not stopping, so I went back. The guy was pulling away, so I flagged him down and asked if I could photograph his truck. We chatted for awhile, and I kicked myself again for not having a real camera with me, just my cell phone.

The part where karma comes in is pretty awesome. Turns out Kevin Lee is a visual kind of guy, a creative director at VML, so he understands why someone would chase him down and want to get a photo of his truck. Turns out, no one has ever asked to use his truck as a prop in a photo shoot. Guess who’s going to be the first?