Dog faces make me happy

Sometimes when you’re feeling down, all it takes is a happy dog face to pick you up. Preferably one with a sloppy tongue, or a tennis ball clenched in his teeth, or a wild hairdo. I spent some time this afternoon with my friend Julie’s three dogs: Q, Jenson, and Loosey. Just needed to make some happy dog photos, and the kids were glad to oblige, even in the stifling heat. Don’t get me wrong, I had to sweat a bit, too, because the kids weren’t exactly minding their manners, and for some reason, dogs get nervous when you point a big lens at their faces. I can just hear Jenson saying, “Hey, can you roll your tongue like this?” I think I’ll make dog faces a weekly outing. Their smiles are worth it.

Photo Karma

I went to the Kauffman Center on Sunday to retrieve my lost driver’s license, which had fallen out of my pocket when I was volunteering at the TedXKC event (major awesomeness there, by the way). As I was leaving, I saw this guy photographing his truck in front of the building. I went on about my business and drove away. Two blocks away, I kicked myself for not stopping, so I went back. The guy was pulling away, so I flagged him down and asked if I could photograph his truck. We chatted for awhile, and I kicked myself again for not having a real camera with me, just my cell phone.

The part where karma comes in is pretty awesome. Turns out Kevin Lee is a visual kind of guy, a creative director at VML, so he understands why someone would chase him down and want to get a photo of his truck.┬áTurns out,┬áno one has ever asked to use his truck as a prop in a photo shoot. Guess who’s going to be the first?