Dog faces make me happy

Sometimes when you’re feeling down, all it takes is a happy dog face to pick you up. Preferably one with a sloppy tongue, or a tennis ball clenched in his teeth, or a wild hairdo. I spent some time this afternoon with my friend Julie’s three dogs: Q, Jenson, and Loosey. Just needed to make some happy dog photos, and the kids were glad to oblige, even in the stifling heat. Don’t get me wrong, I had to sweat a bit, too, because the kids weren’t exactly minding their manners, and for some reason, dogs get nervous when you point a big lens at their faces. I can just hear Jenson saying, “Hey, can you roll your tongue like this?” I think I’ll make dog faces a weekly outing. Their smiles are worth it.

Taking care of Caregivers

Listened to LeAnn Thieman speak about ways that caregivers can care for themselves and find ways to renew their energy while caring for others. While I’m not a caregiver in that I do it day in and day out, I think everyone is a caregiver of one sort or another. I care for my Mom, although not on a daily basis. I care for my kids. I care for my partner. But it’s important to take care of me also. I think we get so wrapped up in caring for others that we forget to take care of ourselves. I mostly focus on the physical, but Thieman mentioned four mental areas to achieve balance: Breathe, Laugh, Forgive and practice Positive Thinking. Sounds like a good idea.