Hi there! Do you have a moment? Of course you do.

Today you have 86,400 seconds, instants, MOMENTS . . . each one rife with possibility to be special. If you’re like me, you enjoy saving these moments, tucking them away to return to them over and over. If you’re lucky, the moments have been preserved in a photograph, a split-second click of a shutter that freezes that moment in time and records it forever.

Whether your moments are big or small, momentous or momentary, each one tells a story. And stories worth photographing are stories worth sharing. I’m happy to share the stories of your business, or your life, through candid moments captured in photos.

This trike? It was calling to me at an antiques shop in the West Bottoms.┬áThe front tire is worn down to the rim, a sign of much love and many adventures. I’m going to use it with a senior portrait (another storytelling adventure!) I can’t wait for that moment.


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