New adventure

Nothing like a new adventure to get the adrenaline flowing! So many people have asked about getting ceramic photo tiles from me that I’m going into business with my tiles. I will be setting up shop at First Fridays in the Crossroads, downtown Kansas City. And as soon as I get all the shelves I need, I will be going to area Arts & Crafts festivals. My ceramic photo tiles are a fun and different way to display a photo ~ mine or yours. Best of all, I’ll come take photos of your pet in their environment and make a tile from our photo shoot! Send me a note for prices. I look forward to tiling photos for you.


Visual treasures in First Fridays

First Fridays in the Crossroads are photographer’s heaven. The colors, the people, the textures, all mashed together with lovely evening light. Such a rich tapestry¬†of people, smells, and sounds as crowds pass back and forth. Street performers busk for tips, street artists beckon to customers, food trucks line the streets as crowds pass back and forth. There’s a visual treasure around every corner.