Capturing moments at the KC Challenge


At a karate tournament, it’s important to capture the action ~ the sparring, the katas, the weapons, but there are so many moments happening on the sidelines, too. The camraderie, friends greeting each other, coaching, and words of encouragement. I’m always looking for those special moments that happen in between the action.

Yikes! A wedding

When anyone asks, I say, “no, I don’t photograph weddings, I can’t handle the pressure.” But when my point guard from the sixth-grade team I coached asked me to photograph her wedding, I couldn’t refuse. It was going to be a simple ceremony and they wanted documentary shots, so I looked for moments and expressions. And brought my daughter for backup. Congratulations Liz and Patrick, and thank you for letting me share your special day.

Crossroads Fun

The Crossroads area had photographers literally running into each other on Saturday to find the best alleys and street scenes. Daniel and Brendan needed to update their head shots so we played around with some scenes and fun shots, too. I leave the head shots with a loose crop so it doesn’t look like a standard studio shot. Now to figure out a way to get the guy with the baby blues to open his eyes more.


Photographing friends is hard

I love to photograph people. In my photo business, I shoot family photos, senior portraits, baby and maternity photos ~ capturing moments that I feel privileged to document. But photographing my friends — the pressure is on! I’m confidant shooting candids, but portraits make me nervous. When it all comes together on a perfect fall afternoon with a beautiful family, nothing could be sweeter. I love capturing photo moments!

Karate Moments

Catching a well-placed kick or an expressive face shouting their ki-a gives me a rush, but looking for those away-from-the-action moments is what I love about photographing karate tournaments. So it was very special to me when a parent commented on my gallery from the Midwest Open 2017, “you certainly have a gift. I love the action shots but the candids are something special. You always seem to catch those incredible moments.” Capturing moments is my joy.

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Karate weekend rocks

I love karate tournaments! Photographing the ninjas in action is awesome, but what I really love is finding the little moments that happen in between the events, a father/daughter team running a form, a pat on the head from a big sister, a bit of sparring advice from a teammate. Okay, I admit it, I like all the hairdos too, from the mohawk to the green paint to the fun ponytails on the girl with the loudest kia in the gym!
The best moment for me came after I competed. A man came up to me and said his grandson wanted to meet me. I went over and the four-year-old wanted to show me to his grandma to let her know that even grandmas can do karate. I explained that I wasn’t a grandma yet, but I hoped to be someday, and I was definitely going┬áto do karate with my grandchildren.
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