I love karate tournaments! Photographing the ninjas in action is awesome, but what I really love is finding the little moments that happen in between the events, a father/daughter team running a form, a pat on the head from a big sister, a bit of sparring advice from a teammate. Okay, I admit it, I like all the hairdos too, from the mohawk to the green paint to the fun ponytails on the girl with the loudest kia in the gym!
The best moment for me came after I competed. A man came up to me and said his grandson wanted to meet me. I went over and the four-year-old wanted to show me to his grandma to let her know that even grandmas can do karate. I explained that I wasn’t a grandma yet, but I hoped to be someday, and I was definitely going┬áto do karate with my grandchildren.
To see more photos from The Midwest Open 2016, go to dojophoto.zenfolio.com


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