Sometimes it’s the¬†little things, and those little things make you feel good. A praying mantis on the swing set might not look like a big deal, but it was such an amazing creature. Looking at it closely, its antennae, its little face, the praying arms, just a wonderful piece of work by Mother Nature. All of Kansas City is going nuts right now because of the praying mantis, or the rally mantis, in baseball terms. Not sure it’s going to work as a good luck charm for the Royals, but I did learn a few things about the little creature.
The praying mantis insect has led to two martial arts forms from China with movements  based on the mantis.
In the ancient Greek civilizations, the praying mantis had supernatural powers; it was known for its ability to show lost travelers the way home.
Praying mantises (or would that be praying manti?) are also one of the most popular pets in the insect world. Their life span is about one year.
Then there’s my little friend Julian. I met him this morning at JCCC on the way to class. Doesn’t he have a great smile? He’s a therapy dog. I can just imagine him sharing his smiles and silky smooth coat with people who need some puppy love. He’s a corgi, a spitfire little breed with LOTS of energy.
Little things to make you smile. Today it’s wonders of nature, tomorrow???



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