Teaching helps you learn

I love teaching others about photography. Especially when I get to see them in their environment and take some photos, too. Today I worked with my friend, Lynda, and her kids, all six of them: four four-legged and two human. Although at times, it seemed like the dogs could be human. When I’m teaching, I believe I learn as much as my students. Today’s lessons? Make sure you have a copy of the instruction manual because not everyone has a camera that you’re familiar with. And, keep your camera bag on the table or it will get peed on. Fortunately, I learned that lesson first.

Documenting a great karate weekend

I think I shot about 5,000 photos last weekend between the KC Challenge karate tournament and the Black Belt Extravaganza. I like the action shots, but my favorites are the moments that happen in between the action, the quiet heartfelt hugs, respectful bows, and smiles, lots and lots of smiles.

Sharing my photos makes me happy. I read somewhere that when you post on social media, every time someone “likes” your post, you get a rush of endorphin as strong as when you work out. I believe it. So I’ll keep sharing if you’ll keep liking and we’ll all have that warm buzz of feeling happy.

They’re just so darn cute!

I was treated to a double dose of sweetness this week when I visited Operation Breakthrough on Tuesday to photograph the kids, and again on Thursday, when I went on a scavenger hunt with the Circle of Friendship Auxiliary group. I was paired with the absolute cutest little boy named Kei’mon. He took me around the center as we gathered puzzle pieces then he curled up in my lap as I read him a book. If anyone has time to volunteer time or funds for this organization, you will be rewarded with hugs and smiles. It is well worth the time.