Operation Breakthrough has my heart

I have so much fun working with the children at Operation Breakthrough, and my good buddy, Jennifer. The kids there are bright and beautiful and curious. Oh, so curious! I shot the photos for their fundraising brochure this summer to fund the summer school agers program. Then I went to their talent show to photograph their performance. What fun!

I wish I had a million dollars so I could give the daycare everything they need for their kids. I’ll have to settle for donating my time and photos so others can be generous. I hope sharing these smiles brings them many donations.

Gratitudes with a serving of positivity

Cupcakes by Margie, sounds like a business, doesn’t it?

Started the morning by writing my list of gratitudes. As I thought about the positivity shared with me by friends who met me for coffee, lunch or dinner (Kebra, Teri, Stacy, Steve and Jerome, Tamra and Christie, to name a few) it struck me that many of my positive connections these days revolve around food. Food is an ice breaker. It helps you start a conversation that may be difficult. By sharing food, it opens our hearts to sharing other things: problems, joys, dreams. And sharing and talking about these things is helpful and healing.

So to everyone who has shared food and drink with me lately, I am grateful for your positivity, encouragement and strength. And, to everyone else? I have a few lunch dates open this week if you want to give me a call!